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Science Fiction > Future Magic

Faerie tales are sent into the realm of science fiction ....
Published by
Writers Exchange

Struck mute by an alien plague that has killed most of her colony and mutated her seven brothers into swanns, Aileen seeks a cure. She is found by Regis, ruler of a colony that regressed into a feudal state generations ago.

Despite her muteness and their totally different languages and alphabets, he makes her his wife. She is happy, until her continued search for a cure puts her in conflict with the colony's traditions and their deepest fears.

Maia grew up in the Downbelow, a Borer, born to a life of labor so the arrogant Stocrats could live in luxury in the Above.

She made friends with a Metalman, who taught her things that the people in the World had forgotten.

But even those marvels paled in comparison to what she discovered when she entered the Virtual world and learned the danger that threatened them all.

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