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Do you listen to audio books?

Michelle has a slowly growing list of audio versions of her books.

Check here regularly for new titles added to the list.

You can buy the books directly from her, at her Ye Olde Dragon Books website, with a choice of downloading to the Book Funnel app, or a plain MP3 file to load onto whatever listening device you prefer.

OR her books are available at most other audio book sites, such as Chirp, iTunes, Audible, Amazon, and many more. Just check and see!

Want a sample of a book you've been considering?
Email MichelleLevigne@gmail.com and ask. You'll get a link sent through Book Funnel, to listen to on the Book Funnel app or a plain MP3 file of the first chapter.

That easy!




#1 Confessions of a Lost Kid
#2 Semi-Pseudo-Superheroes
#3 Virtually London
#4 Living Proof (that no good deed goes unpunished)
#5 Night of the Living Proof
#6 Quitting the Hero Biz
#7 Bride of the Living Proof
#8 Shrunk: The Exile of Maurice
#9: Return of the Living Proof
#10 Allergic to Mistletoe
#11 Dawn of the Living Proof
#12 Angela's Knight
#13 The Living Proof Gets the Blues

AFV Defender:

Friendly Fire, Book 1
Etrusca's Vow, Book 3
Cadets: Jorgan's Story. Young Defenders Book 1 (
a Middle-Grade tie-in to the AFV Defender series)
Listen Carefully: Tress's Story. Young Defenders Book 2
COMING: Inquest, Book 4

The Enchanted Castle Archives

Liars' Quest
COMING:  The Beastly Beauty

Steward's World


Magic to Spare:

#1 The Kindness Curse
COMING: #2 Majjian Springs

The Match Girls:

#1 A Match (not) Made in Heaven

Book & Mug Mysteries:

#1 The Unwelcome Wagon
#2 Dancing On My Grave
COMING #3 Brighten Your Corner

Tabor Hts. and Quarry Hall series

The Second Time Around
Common Grounds
COMING: White Roses


Guardians of the Time Stream

Odessa Fremont
The Blue Lotus Society
Music in the Night

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