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Book & Mug


From Mt. Zion Ridge Press

Book & Mug is a combination bookstore and coffee shop -- and so much more!

Three cousins make their home above the coffee shop.
Kai runs Book & Mug.
Eden is a private investigator, finding lost things and lost people.
Troy is a financial wizard and dabbles in herbal healing.

Together they're searching for answers to the mystery of their blank childhoods, and the secrets hidden in their Venetian glass heart lockets.

The Unwelcome Wagon -- Book 1

Saundra Bailey has a rough few first days after moving to Cadburn Township to be the new children's librarian. First a strange man who smells of cheap cigars tries to get into her apartment, then she’s caught between two Welcome Wagon teams, which results in her feeling rather unwelcome. When Cigar Man later tries to steal her purse, she meets Kai, owner of Book & Mug, a coffee shop and bookstore. Cigar Man tried to break into the building Kai owns with his cousins, Eden and Troy, after trying to hire Eden, an investigator, to find lost family documents.

As Saundra settles into her new job and home, she learns about the political and social feuds and alliances in town. Then Cigar Man breaks into the Book & Mug building in the middle of the night, falls from a fire escape, and dies. The hunt is on to figure out what he was looking for, who was the other man with him when he fell, and whose side the mysterious accomplice is on.

Head Trustee Roger Cadburn, descendant of a founding father, has a growing list of grudges against the cousins and gets in the way of their investigation. Their building used to belong to his family. He accuses them of being in league with Cigar Man, who apparently was seeking Camden family documents. The foursome scramble to put together clues and identify Cigar Man’s accomplice before he hurts more people and makes more evidence and clues vanish.

Available in audiobook!

Coming next:

Rivalry between two dancing clubs leads to sabotage and then murder. Who's at fault, the square dancers, the tap dancers, or someone who wants something hidden in the hall where they both want to meet?

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