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Centuries ago, the Human homeworld, Core, was threatened by a galactic disaster. The Gatekeepers scattered the Human race across the universe. At least, that's where most legends agreeā€¦

When the residents of Le'anka gained spaceflight, they launched a two-pronged quest:

First, reunite all the scattered races of Humans. Thus the Alliance was born.

Second, find the Gatekeepers and ask them: Just what were you thinking?

These are the adventures of  the E&D ship, AFV Defender. While they aren't quite as death-defying as a certain other notorious ship in the Fleet, they're developing a legend of their own. Some good. Some bad. But most important, they're a family, with all the benefits and drawbacks.

Every day is a new adventure. If their misfit luck doesn't finally run out on them.

From Ye Olde Dragon Books.

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