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Magic to Spare

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A new series, taking place in a world where the faerie tales you know aren't quite the way you remember them -- in fact, they're a little fractured.

In this magical world, someone has decided there isn't enough magic to go around, so they're going to ration magic. They're going to decide who is worthy to wield magic, and who should be denied magic.

The only problem is that they didn't ask if anyone agreed with them, and they didn't ask for permission, and they certainly aren't admitting what they're doing to capture the sources of magic and control them.

That's where Merrigan, the heroine of the first book comes in. She's the youngest daughter of a powerful king, and by all rights her life should have been enchanted. Except when readers meet her, she's just been cursed. In fact, a lot of people would say she's an evil queen. Before she can become our heroine, Merrigan needs to be reformed.  

From Ye Olde Dragon Books   

The Kindness Curse

Merrigan wasn't really an evil queen. Her royal siblings referred to her as the brat, and she lived down to it.

However, she was married to an evil king. When he lost a fight with a magic apple tree and got himself killed, she did whatever she could to hold onto the kingdom. Including lying to a powerful seer.

Big mistake.

Merrigan was cursed: turned into an old woman, she was doomed to wander until she learned to care about others. With the aid of a magic book named Bib, she encountered a mermaid trying to regain her tail, a soldier with a magic tinderbox, a merchant obsessed with finding magical cloth, a warehouse full of orphans, and a princess allergic to peas.

Forbidden to retrace her steps, she moved from kingdom to kingdom, and totally by accident helped others find their happily-ever-after.

Available in print, ebook, and audiobook.

Coming June 1

Happily ever after is never easy …

Formerly an evil queen, Merrigan has reformed. Reunited with her childhood true love, Prince Bryan, she sets out to return to her father's kingdom, to break the curse she caused to fall on it.

In every kingdom along the way, Merrigan and Bryan, and their friends, Bib the magic book and Crystal the magic mirror, face magical puzzles and curses that must be lifted.

A league of disgruntled, elitist majjians are turning happily-ever-afters into curses, in their quest to control all the magic in the world. Talking frogs and swans are vanishing. The majjian springs are drying up, threatening the source of magic everywhere.

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