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Young Defenders

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COMING December 2021:

Behind every legendary ship are the little people who make the incredible discoveries possible.

In the case of the AFV Defender, they really are little -- the children of the crew, growing up below decks, learning lessons on faith, honor, loyalty, and what it really means to be a hero. No matter what it costs.

Cadets long before they go to the Fleet Academy for official training, they are preparing for the day the fate of the Alliance, and maybe the Human race, lies in their hands.

Jorgan -- a new kid on the ship, an orphan adopted by Fleet doctors, with a talent for gizmos and secret fears.

Tress -- leader of the gang by default, with special talents ready to bloom, and a gift for attracting trouble, no matter how hard she tries to be careful.

Elli -- raised by her older brother, and tormented by a new crop of bullies just when she's earned her place in Tress' gang.

Bo -- musical prodigy with brittle bones and unsure if the Fleet or Enlo can use a boy without real legs.

Dafna -- her love of solitude and dark, hidden places turns into the needed advantage when the Defender is invaded.

Kati -- her blooming talent isn't "cool" like everyone else's, and needs to learn the hard way that Enlo gives gifts to those who are willing to obey, no matter what.

From Ye Olde Dragon Books

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