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Science Fiction > The Commonwealth

A colony world on the Rim -- the furthest edge of settled space. Something is wrong on Chorillan, and the government doesn't want the rest of the Commonwealth to know what it is.

Children are in danger.

The problem isn't from Phase -- a sudden, painful heightening of all their senses and an almost allergic reaction to all things synthetic and manmade -- but from the reaction of the rest of the colony to the Wildlings -- the children who go through Phase.

When Scout Captain Ian Fieran comes to Chorillan hunting a Gen'gineer nest, he learns about Wildings and Phase, and stays to investigate and to help. The task of solving the mystery and protecting all Wildlings will be passed on to his daughter, Kay'li, and her childhood friend, Lucas, a boy who survives Phase to become the Legend and to lead all Wildlings in the battle for their lives and freedom.

Scout Captain Ian Fieran is cleaning up operations after battling a Gen'gineer team that attacked and decimated a small colony. The crime of the colonists? Their genetics didn't suit the exacting standards of the Gen'gineers, who continue the dogma and goal of the Set'ri from centuries ago, trying to create the "perfect" Human genome. Captured data leads Ian and his team of Scouts across the galaxy to the Rim colony world of Chorillan, where they hope to track down a Gen'gineer nest.

At the same time, Miranda Riallon, a schoolteacher and daughter of very important members of the Colony Council, is worried about one of her students. The boy is an orphan, and she wants to adopt him. However, Ranny is showing all the signs of going into Phase -- the sensory overload that hits some children near adolescence. No one knows what causes Phase, and there is no known cure. Some fear that the Azuli, sentient canines native to Chorillan, are stealing the children when they escape into the wilderness, seeking to ease their discomfort that has been compared to an allergy to civilization and all things processed, manufactured and synthetic. When Ranny vanishes, Miranda determines to go into the forests of Chorillan to find him.

She meets Ian and his Scouts. They help her look for Ranny while she helps them hunt down the Gen'gineers. As each side educates the other, they come to a partnership, then friendship. The choices Ian and Miranda make during their hunt will change Chorillan for generations to come.

Ian has decided to stay on Chorillan and try to find help and some answers, maybe a cure or prevention for Phase. He and Miranda have married and have a daughter, Kay'li. Nobi Cole, Ian's cousin, has joined him on Chorillan, and during the spring and summer they search the wilderness of Chorillan to find children going through Phase and bring the Wildlings home safely, without damage or trauma.

Miranda is ill with the same debilitating illness that killed her father. She knows when she is dead, her mother will use all her political influence to take Kay'li away from Ian, and if possible drive him off the planet, so she makes him promise to take Kay'li off-planet to protect her.

That promise launches Ian and Kay'li on an adventure that will take her into adulthood, and train her for the mission her parents were unable to complete: finding the cause and cure for Phase, protecting Wildlings from the growing prejudice against and fear of them, and find out who is interfering with the growth of Chorillan as a colony, and why.

Kay'li's best friend, Lucas Aidan, goes through his own testing and training for his destiny.

Before Kay'li left Chorillan, Lucas' father put him and his brother, Sam, through an experimental treatment that would hopefully protect him from going through Phase.

Those hopes are crushed as Lucas' senses grow hyper-acute and he develops a severe reaction to anything synthetic, to the point of illness.  His parents have a plan -- hide the fact that Lucas is going through Phase, keep him out in the wilderness at their family cabin, and pray that Phase is over and he can go back to normal living when the summer is over and their family goes home. No one needs to ever know that he has become a Wildling.

Disaster strikes their family cabin, and Lucas flees into the wilderness, driven by pain and fear. His survival in the wilderness makes him a legend, and when he finally is dragged back to civilization, he becomes the leader the Wildlings need as their enemies become more determined to destroy them.

Kay'li Fieran returns home to Chorillan.

The situation is growing dangerous. The artificially generated fear and hatred of Wildlings is increasing. Kay'li has been commissioned by the Scout Corps to investigate and find out who is behind it, what they hope to gain, and if possible, what causes Phase and if there is a cure.

She isn't sure who to trust, but she wants to trust Lucas Aidan, her childhood friend. After all, when they were children, they made a blood oath that she would come home someday and they would explore Chorillan together, and nothing would ever keep them apart.

The hardest part of her mission: keeping her mission secret from Lucas. At the same time, Lucas wants to trust Kay'li, but can he? The future of all Wildlings rests on him. One wrong choice, one mistake, could endanger them all.

Peace has been won on Chorillan at a high price -- war, deaths, and the institution of a military government.

Lucas Aidan, as leader of the Wildlings, is lieutenant governor and liaison between Wildlings and the government. He and Kay'li are married, and despite her vow to leave the Scout Corps and retire, she grudgingly accepts a commission to remain a captain and recruit and train Wildlings as Scouts.

They want more than anything to live the lives they dreamed of: explorers, living among the Azuli, with a house full of children. If they'll ever achieve that dream remains a question.

Enemies who escaped justice at the end of CHORILLAN are still out there, hiding in the wilderness. When Lucas, Kay'li and their adopted daughter go on their yearly summer exploration trip, they find their equipment has been sabotaged. Stranded in the wilderness, with possible enemies closing in for the kill, who can they trust and where should they go?

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