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These short stories are the adventures -- and misandventures -- of Belladonna, known as 'Na, daughter of the lord and lady of the enchanted castle.

Every few months, the short stories, which first appear in the anthologies from Ye Olde Dragon Books, will be released as individual ebooks.

Daughter of the Beastly Beauty first appeared in When Your Beauty IS the Beast -- a Beauty & the Beast anthology

Tower to Tower first appeared in Tales from the Tower -- a Rapunzel anthology

Patches first appeared in Who's the Monster? -- a Frankenstein anthology

Beauty in a Box first appeared in Perchance to Dream -- a Sleeping Beauty anthology.

And more to come!

Check Ye Olde Dragon Books to get your copy, as well as most other online outlets.

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Life in the enchanted castle, in the center of the enchanted forest, had its benefits and its drawbacks. Emphasis on drawbacks, with 'Na's problematic 17th birthday approaching. Thanks to her parents' reputation for breaking enchantments and solving magical problems, they had numerous enemies.  Chances were good some of them had set numerous curses to take effect on her birthday. The best way to avoid trouble was to stay home, alone, and keep the doors locked.

Then clumsy Prince Ruprick and his assistant/bodyguard/troubleshooter Ambrose showed up. The prince didn't know how to take no for an answer. His father had failed at winning the Beastly Beauty for his bride, so now it was up to him to win the daughter.

Plus, Fang, the half-vampire bunny, had showed up in a bad mood.

What else could go wrong?

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