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Welcome to the website for Michelle Levigne, author and editor.

Here you can explore and learn about the various worlds of my imagination: science fiction, fantasy, romance, steampunk, YA, inspirational, women's fiction. I have a lot of books and a lot of universes and storylines for you to explore!

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Ye Olde Dragon's Library storytelling podcast.

You can tune in on your favorite podcast app each week for half an hour of the latest book, ODESSA FREMONT, or listen right on the podcast page at Ye Olde Dragon Books.

We're now offering author interviews. Get inside authors' heads as they talk about their stories and share insights into the process of writing.

I'll soon be launching my first Kickstarter project for INQUEST, the next AFV Defender adventure.

If you
follow the campaign to get updates, you can learn about discounts on Defender titles. PLUS, if you EMAIL ME HERE, I'll send you a PDF of the first official GUIDE TO THE DEFENDER UNIVERSE, hot off the presses. (Meaning as soon as I finish putting it together!)

The RELAUNCH of the Tabor Heights series.

For a few years, the Tabor Heights books were only available as ebooks.

Now, every other month, you can get a new book in paper, ebook, or audiobook.
Coming November 15: COMMON GROUNDS

Hannah Blake has given up on being anything more to Xander Finley than his Gal Friday running Common Grounds legal clinic. Then the White Rose Killer seems to have chosen Hannah as his next 'true love', Xander's attentions become warmer and more personal. Hannah knows better than to hope this improvement in their relationship will last beyond the crisis. Foxhole love isn't any more real than foxhole religion, right? Xander, on the other hand, is glad his eyes have finally been opened.

The problem is convincing Hannah that he's for real. It's time to pray for more than her safety. After all, in the final analysis, what good is his life without Hannah in every part of it?

Check out Mt. Zion Ridge Press for information, or you can obtain ebooks and audiobooks from my other website, Ye Olde Dragon Books.

The Guardians of the Time Stream

The steampunk/gaslamp series is being re-launched from Ye Olde Dragon Books, with new cover art and adding audiobook options.

Now available:


Coming November 15:

Coming January 15, 2024
Realm Award finalist

Classic Monsters Anthology 3: DON'T GO IN THE WATER

A very strange family vacation that goes awry. A bunch of fairy gardeners who run afoul of a water sprite. Creatures who can control human minds, until one man discovers a way to infiltrate their ranks. Sirens, mutant frogs, an ancient demonic river monster, even one monster in space!

And what about a Gill Man who tries to join Classic Monsters Anonymous, but is refused entry? Bittersweet friendship, an escapee from an aquarium, and a monster in the lake. Another Enchanted Castle story that will leave you in stitches!

Good creatures, bad creatures. Fall in love with the Creature From the Black Lagoon all over again. And think carefully before you go in the water.

Available in Print, Ebook and Audiobook -- from Ye Olde Dragon Books

Quest for the Crescent Moon, Book 1

A sanctuary for healing, knowledge and true worship, Isle of the Moon is threatened by a despot's plans of conquest. Guided by prophecy, the daughters of the royal line scatter across the world in search of the ancient guardians, to bring them home to save the island and its sacred treasures once again.

Sholeh travels to a brutal, cruel land, trusting in the words of prophecy to guard and guide her. Separated from her companions by tragedy, she uses her healing gifts to make a place for herself. Her dreams lead her to trust the mercenaries known as the Black Wolves, and she travels with them to a mountain of legend, where gods are said to walk among men.

Available in print and ebook from Ye Olde Dragon Books.

If you came here looking for something in particular, and you don't see it, please email and ask me!
I can point you to my blog, where you can read excerpts of some of the books, or to one of my publishers, where you can read about the books, read exerpts, and buy ebook or print editions.

If you're looking for EDITING services, contact me to ask about rates and turnaround time.
If you just want editing advice, have you considered my book of writing advice -- with a serving of snark on the side?
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: Tips and Quips on the Writing Life, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. In paper and ebook.

My blog is at: www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com

You can find me on Facebook -- I have a personal page and an author page.

I'm also on Pinterest
and Instagram

Your choice!

Welcome. I hope you have fun looking around, and you'll visit again, because whenever there's a new book or development, I'll be updating this page.

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