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Ess Fremont and the Blue Lotus Society know the Originators have been infiltrated by Revisionists. The treachery has reached even to their headquarters, Sanctuary, an underground complex near San Francisco.

Problem: The Society can't contact Sanctuary, or risk putting power into the enemy's hands. Yet Ess must go there to claim her heritage and learn how and why her grandparents vanished seven years ago.

Solution: Ask her family lawyers to "turn her in," and on the train ride cross-country, begin her education.

The journey launches revelations that threaten everything Ess knows as truth. As she uncovers schemes within lies within treachery, the fulfillment of her family's destiny rests heavy on her shoulders.

Who can she trust when her own grandparents blocked her memories, and the means of saving -- or destroying -- them all are hidden in the vaults of her mind?


Ess's imaginary childhood friend turns out to be quite real, and is in great danger from the Revisionists. Carmen has no idea of the heritage in her blood, in the power of song, and in the crystal rose she inherited from her mother.

When one piece of bad luck after another puts her and her orphan charges out on the streets, they find shelter in an underground community. Their leader, Brogan, hides his scars in the shadows, and fears he is slowly growing insane. Carmen's music may be the key to solving puzzles passed down from their ancestors. The fate of the world of the future could rest in their hands.

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