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Welcome to the website for Michelle Levigne, author and editor.

Here you can explore and learn about the various worlds of my imagination -- science fiction, fantasy, romance, steampunk, YA, inspirational, women's fiction. Yeah, I have a lot of books and a lot of universes and storylines for you to explore!

New in October!

From  Uncial Press
A Neighborlee, Ohio novel

When we last left Lanie Zephyr, she was getting used to life in a wheelchair, after saving one of her students from Senior Prank Night and breaking her back in the process.

And blunting some of her semi-pseudo-superhero powers.

Now it's six years later and Lanie's orderly life is starting to fall apart.
Her brothers are living with her while their parents are out of the country on another book research trip.
Not so bad, but their parents have missed 2 check-in phone calls already.
The newspaper where Lanie works has been taken over by a conglomerate she now refers to as the Evil Empire -- and she loses her beloved school sports beat, to be put on the ... gag ... lovelorn column.
Then a friend in the military shows up to say her parents have vanished ... near the Bermuda Triangle.
A series of increasingly nasty pranks lead her to believe someone is out to get her.
But worst of all, Christmas is only a few weeks away and she hasn't started her Christmas shopping or her holiday baking spree.

It's enough to make a semi-pseudo-superhero hang up her cape!
Oh, yeah, she never had one to begin with ...

News! News! News!

I've become involved in a new venture:
Mt. Zion Ridge Press

This is a result of one of my publishers, Desert Breeze Publishing, closing their doors.
Another DBP author, Tamera Kraft, and I have teamed up to create Mt. Zion Ridge.

For the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019, most of what we're doing is re-releasing some of our DBP titles, and giving a chance to some writerly friends to have their work put into print.
At the end of 2019, we'll be opening our doors to submissions, but working slowly and carefully. The plan is to release 1 book each month for now, at the most.

This includes AUDIO BOOKS.

It's going to be fun, and probably a steep learning curve.

Check out the first two titles we've released:

FROM THE LAKE TO THE RIVER was an anthology we were working on with our writing friends in Ohio. It just seemed the natural thing to slide the anthology over to Mt. Zion Ridge when we decided to take the plunge.

This anthology contains 9 stories set in Ohio, in the past and present, romance, women's fiction, YA, by Ohio authors. Check it out!

RED SKY OVER AMERICA was a recent release from Desert Breeze, and we were both disappointed when DBP closed their doors so soon after the release. We felt it was imperative to get this historical romance and adventure back into print ASAP.
So please, feel free to go check out our site, look for us on Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter. We have a lot of BIG plans in the coming year. And for a long time to come.

Mt. Zion Ridge Press.

If you came here looking for something in particular, and you don't see it, please email and ask me!
I can point you to one of my blogs where you can read excerpts of some of the books, or to one of my publisher, where you can read about the books, read exerpts, and buy ebook or print editions.

My email address is
My blog is at: www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com

You can find me on Facebook -- I have a personal page and an author page.
Or you can look for my book trailers on YouTube.
I'm also on Twitter
and Instagram

Your choice!

Welcome. I hope you have fun looking around, and you'll visit again to see the updates. We'll be put back together very soon ... I hope!

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