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Lanie Zephyr

Fantasy > Neighborlee

LANIE ZEPHYR is one of the more visible characters you'll meet when you visit the weird little town of Neighborlee, Ohio.

She's always there with advice and a smart remark, and sometimes stepping in with a display of some unusual talents -- such as telekinesis or the ability to tell if someone is lying, or even an infrequent and uncontrollable flash of foresight.

Now, Lanie gets to star in her own adventures.

The first book, GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE, starts at the beginning, like every good semi-pseudo-superhero's story should start -- at the moment she is found abandoned by the side of the road. Follow Lanie's adventures, growing up in the Neighborlee Children's Home, where she and her friend Kurt formulate their rules for living as semi-pseudo-superheroes in training while staying under the radar of people who might cause them trouble. Whether it's the Men in Black or the US government or the town bullies, the Gladstones, Lanie and Kurt aren't going to let anyone get in the way of figuring out just what the heck they're supposed to do with their weird, half-baked superpowers.

When they come under the guidance of Angela, proprietress of Divine's Emporium, everything starts coming together.

Dorm Rats

Lanie survives a trip to England, graduates from high school, and heads off to college. Where things are even weirder for her than for most freshmen. After all, we're in Neighborlee, the weirdness capital of
the United States -- possibly the world.

When bizarre plots and enemies yet to be identified use college bureaucracy to bypass the safeguards of Neighborlee, Lanie and her friends do what needs to be done, no matter what the cost. Some days just get a little harder than others. Then there are the fun-and-freaky things, like boxes full of the power of imagination, robots that come to life, and a seeming time travel device that just doesn't work like it should. All in a day's -- or semester's -- work for the guardians of Neighborlee.

Just when Lanie thinks life is settling down into a routine she can handle for the rest of her life, Senior Prank Night strikes. And her life is never the same.

From Uncial Press.

Get a sneak preview of Lanie's adventure at the END of DORM RATS by reading her adventure in the third anthology published by the Crossover Alliance.
You gotta check out their books. They're pushing the envelope of imagination and writing faith-based fiction in the speculative genre.)

Appropriately titled  SUPERHEROES.Because the stories are all about superheroes, in all sorts of situations.
In electronic format and paper.
Cool, huh?

takes you to a pivotal moment in Lanie's life as a small town high school teacher and track coach.

It's Senior Prank Night -- the night when graduating seniors at Neighborlee High School make their last effort not to walk through graduation. It's up to the school teachers and town officials and the guardians of Neighborlee to protect the town from the seniors, and protect the seniors from themselves. Lanie and her semi-pseudo-superhero friends have their work cut out for them!


Six years after the events at the end of DORM RATS, Lanie has -- sort of -- gotten used to life in a wheelchair. She's working her beloved sports beat at the local newspaper, the Neighborlee Tattler, with a
thriving comedy career on the side.
Then as the Christmas holidays approach, her life starts unraveling:

Her globe-trotting parents have missed their bi-weekly check-in -- again. Last known location: the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle.
The Tattler has been bought by a newspaper chain, and Lanie gets transferred from the sports beat to -- ugh -- the lovelorn advice column.
Even worse, her new boss, the Evil Overlord ... wants to be her friend! How can she hate him when he's a Trekker and joins her club?
Then there are the increasing odd and dangerous incidents that convince her someone is out to get her. After all, no good deed goes unpunished.
But the topper on everything? It's just a week until Christmas, and she hasn't started shopping yet!

It's enough to make a semi-pseudo-superhero turn in her cape.
Oh, wait, she never had a cape -- it'd tangle with her wheels, anyway.

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