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Welcome to Neighborlee, Ohio.

This is that town you wish you lived in ... maybe.
A weird little town with lots of secrets, where everybody looks out for each other, where magic is waiting just around the corner. And if you don't fit in, the town itself lets you know and makes you very eager to get out of there.
Think of Neighborlee as a cross between the TV shows "Roswell," "Eureka" and "Buffy" -- but without the vampires or the weird science.

The most important place in town is DIVINE'S EMPORIUM.
It's an old Victorian house on the edge of town, overlooking the park. It's also sometimes bigger inside than outside -- and sometimes the windows look out on places that aren't outside the house -- and sometimes there are more rooms there than the last time you visited. Whatever you need, you can find at Divine's, even if you didn't know what you needed when you walked through the door.
Angela is the proprietor. If you ask, some people will say that she has always been there. Angela and Divine's Emporium protect Neighborlee, and Neighborlee also protects them.

Neighborlee books are published by Uncial Press.

The stories about Neighborlee are still being written.
LONDON HOLIDAY follows the adventures of two cousins with a semi-magical heritage, and what happens when they play games with computers and create an Artificial Intelligence who certainly seems real after a while.
HERO BLUES follows a former resident of Neighborlee who tries to retire from being a semi-pseudo-superhor and come back to town ... only she walks into an even bigger problem than anything she ever faced before.

In 2017, we'll be following the adventures of some other people we've met in previous books -- Lanie Zephyr and her friends, Kurt and Felicity -- beginning with their days in the Neighborlee Children's Home, and following them as they become guardians of the town. Look for GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE in 2017, followed by the "Living Proof" books -- LIVING PROOF, NIGHT OF THE LIVING PROOF, DAWN OF THE LIVING PROOF, BRIDE OF THE LIVING PROOF, RETURN OF THE LIVING PROOF, SON OF THE LIVING PROOF, and any other titles we can think of that will let us say "Living Proof" in them.
At least, that's the plan for now!

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