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Guardians of the Time Stream

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The series starts with the prequel, ODESSA FREMONT, which introduces readers to our intrepid heroine, Odessa -- or Ess, as her friends know her.

The Guardians of the Time Stream is a steampunk-ish series set during the reconstruction of the United States in the decades following the Civil War.
Technology is on the rise, with locomotives and steam-powered industry, airships and other experiments in slightly anachronistic technology. A fascination with travel around the world and the exploration of other cultures, especially ancient cultures, is on the rise.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is an alternative-history Earth ...

And the Guardians of the Time Stream are determined to make sure that the effects of certain events in history don't do any more harm to the planet than has already been done. Their secret: they are the descendants of travelers from our far distant future, who traveled into the distant past to prevent another group of time travelers from altering the world to suit their vision. And as Ess Fremont grows up and learns her heritage, her family's history and their secrets in The Blue Lotus Society, she takes her place in the battle to protect the world.

Coming titles from Desert Breeze Publishing:

Sanctuary -- April 2017
Music in the Night -- October 2017

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